And it’s begun.

You can call me Jess. I am the creator and writer of the blog Innovation Travel. I know another fucking travel blog, just what we need. If you click the X button in your right hand corner I completely understand, cya. If your still hanging in there, buckle those seat belts kids because were going for one hell of a ride. I am going to take you across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, through the thickest parts of the Amazon rainforest, we may have to dig ourselves out of the sand in the Sahara and to visit the beautiful and majestic Himalayas. But above all that I want to see the funny side. Not in a Karl Pilkington kinda way, In a more Kat from 2 broke girls went traveling kinda way. It’s gunna get loud. It’s gunna get bad. It’s probably going to get shut down (shit I hope not). But above all its going to be fun.

so stick around, let’s have some fun. Drop me an email of something hilarious that’s happened to you. I don’t care what, send it to me.

safe travels

Jess ximage


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