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A post grads breakdown

In 2014 I graduated from university with a law degree. I spent 3 years studying my ass off at the university of Plymouth. I loved what I was doing and I honestly thought that my life was all set out for me. I did a shit loads of extra curricular actives that looked amazing on my CV and my grades were okey. I could show that I was good a juggling a ridiculous work load as well as working part time. So there was me thinking I was all set. My life was on track. Until it came to the point of actually applying for some jobs at law firms. I got a couple interviews, one went okey, but still didn’t get the job and the other I walked into and the interviewer took one look at me and decided she didn’t like me. I could tell just from the look on her face. This was also a law firm I had previously done work experience with. So you can imagine, I felt like complete and utter shit. I didn’t know what the fuck to do with myself. Am I going to end up being a waitress for the rest of my life? Because that definitely wasn’t the plan. Tips were good but not that good. So thus I began the mundane life of the working class person. Getting up going to work, getting up going to work. Granted I loved the people I worked with and they were an amazing support network. But it wasn’t enough. I needed more.

So one day while I was laying in bed looking at Facebook on my iPad, I stumbled upon an advert. Something about volunteering in a developing country for free. Okey so that spiked my interest, I’ve always loved to travel and had thought of doing something like that before. So I clicked on the link and it took me to

In that moment I spontaneously applied, not really thinking I would go, and then I got a phone call. They asked me where I wanted to go (I later found out that no one else got that option, I’m not really sure why I did). So I said I wanted to go to Kenya. I was looking at the different places I could go. Some being in South America, Philippines, a ton of countries in Africa, the list went on. But for me Kenya had the wildlife, which was drew me in. For as long as I could remember I have always loved animals, mainly because of my mum and I grew up around a lot of them and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to go. They then told me that I would have to go with an organisation called balloon ventures. I had no idea who’s these guys where or what they did and I said okey and did my research later. The next step was for me to go to London for an interview process day. Basically to make sure I wasn’t crazy and I had the right intentions. At this point I had nothing to loose, my house mate was moving out, I still hadn’t found a job in a law firm and I basically just said fuck it and I gave it my all. I can honestly say it was the funniest interviews I’ve ever had and I spent the whole day with a giant smile on my face. I think it was about a week later and I got an email from them telling me that I had been offered a place on the team that would be leaving in June. Part of the volunteer programme is that you have to raise £800. But they want you to fundraise the money to build awareness of the organisation. Due to the fact I was working full time and didn’t have a lot of time to spare I mainly used my tip money and family donated a little, because they thought it was an amazing thing I was doing. In all honestly it hadn’t really sunk in what I was doing until it was about a month before I left and I had to go back up to London to meet the rest of the people that were going on the same trip as me. I knew a couple from the interview day, but most of them I had never met. We spent the weekend learning a bit about entrepreneurship and business as the volunteer programme was to help the locals succeed in business, and create a sustainable source of income for themselves and their family. Once again I had an amazing weekend and I really enjoyed it, until the women hosting the weekend told us that there was the possibility that I could be spending 3 months living in someone else’s house without electricity. That was when I was really starting to panic and sink in what the hell I had signed myself up for. It didn’t really matter at that point I had raised the £800 I needed and my flights were booked. I was on my way. I had no idea who I would be living with, where I would be living and that was starting to scare the shit out of me.

Nevertheless, I packed up my shit moved out of my flat, quit my job and put all my belongings into storage. I remember packing my bags at my mums house and just panicking about what I was doing. She just told me you are going to have an amazing time and embrace this experience because you will probably never get another one like it.

The next day I got on a train and headed for London to catch my flight. I was on my way.


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