A post grads breakdown part 2- the arrival

So I had arrived at the airport. The rest of the team slowly started to trickle into the airport. I could tell that everyone was really excited and nervous as well, which was really good because I didn’t feel alone in this experience. We flew from London city airport to Amsterdam and from there we flew to Nairobi. I’m not going to go into to much detail about the flights because there all the same you have some obnoxious guy sitting in front of you and some not to bad behind. However, the one thing I really noticed from this flight was how absolutely stunning the Kenyan airways air hostesses were. They looked like the next contestants on America’s next top model. My inner voice was screaming DAMN GIRL!!

It was an overnight flight so we arrived early the next morning. I was absolutely shattered (I’m a nervous flyer so I can’t sleep on planes). We waited for sammy the programme coordinator to come and collect us, but in true Kenyan fashion he was late (you’ll understand later). When he arrived he had hired 4 matatu’s, which are one of the main source of transportation in Kenya. Their cheap cheerful and they have literally crammed 15 seats in the back on this tiny van. They have a gap about the size of thigh for people to squeeze through. So when you are travelling on of these, expect a lot of ass in the face.

It was the middle of June when we arrive so the weather was just right, as it was the Kenyans spring time. We didn’t get to spend any time in Nairobi unfortunately, as we had to go straight from the airport to the town we would be staying in.

One of the key things I remember from the journey was the staggering poverty. As I had only ever traveled to western countries before hand, I had never seen a divide in people that had money and those that didn’t, like in Kenya. We would drive past a shanty looking town and then literally right next door would be a beautiful house that most people would give their right arm to live in. It staggered me, but as soon as we drove out of Nairobi and into the country side I realised just how beautiful it was. The whole country is covered in mountains and the views are those that would bring a man to his knees. I couldn’t believe this is what I would get to call home for the next 3 months, and suddenly I wasn’t scared anymore.


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