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One night in Amsterdam

This is a story about a former boss of mine. He told me this story a few years ago when I used to work for him. Till this day I have not heard a story quite like this (unless it was a movie). When he was around the age of 18, he decided to go on a lads holiday with a bunch of his mates. Let’s call him Jack (so I don’t reveal to much about him). On said trip to Amsterdam, Jack and his mates stumbled into a coffee shop. So those of you that are not aware of what a coffee shop is in Amsterdam, well it’s not a coffee shop. It was a weed cafe. So Jack wasn’t all that into the local delicacy, as it didn’t have the best effect on him. Jacks friend at this point asked him if he wanted anything and he replied “no thanks, I’ll just have a pot of tea”. Pretty standard for the typical English guy (also cafes don’t serve alcohol, hence the tea). Little did Jack know, the tea was in fact a special kind of tea. It wasn’t mixed with weed, but in fact some other local delicacy, best known as magic mushrooms. The next thing Jack remembers, is waking up, completely butt naked in his hotel room. He had absolutely no recollection of the previous evening. He later discovered that somehow during the evening he had managed to acquire a little suvoner on one of his butt cheeks, a tattoo saying “when in Rome”. The moral of this story folks, don’t trust your mates in Amsterdam.


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