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Out to sea

I can honestly say this is my absolute favourite walk of shame story I have ever heard. This happened to a lady I used to work with when she was around 18. After enjoying a night on the town in Plymouth, she happened to find a gentleman that she was rather interested in and decided to go home with him. Due to the fact that said gentleman was currently serving his country in the navy, she happened to find herself aboard one of the ships that was docked in to Plymouth. For those of you that doesn’t know Plymouth has a very large naval base, and is usually crawling with students and military personal. After doing the deed she fell asleep. She awoke in the morning to find out that the ship was going out to sea. Which was incredible awkward because she was never meant to be on the ship in the first place. The only option was to inform someone quickly that she was aboard the ship. For obvious reasons, they could take a civilian out to sea with them so the only option they had was to put her in a small boat and have her rowed back to shore. There she sat in this small boat, smoking a cigarette while this annoyed navy guy had to row her back to civilisation,


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