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Out to sea

I can honestly say this is my absolute favourite walk of shame story I have ever heard. This happened to a lady I used to work with when she was around 18. After enjoying a night on the town in Plymouth, she happened to find a gentleman that she was rather interested in and decided… Continue reading Out to sea


A post grads breakdown- part 3 Njoro

After a few hours drive from Nairobi, I awoke from my nap in the back of the matatu. We had arrived in Nakuru, the main city outside of the town we would be staying in. Unfortunately we were unable to stop in Nakuru at this time as we had to get to Njoro as soon… Continue reading A post grads breakdown- part 3 Njoro


A post grads breakdown part 2- the arrival

So I had arrived at the airport. The rest of the team slowly started to trickle into the airport. I could tell that everyone was really excited and nervous as well, which was really good because I didn’t feel alone in this experience. We flew from London city airport to Amsterdam and from there we… Continue reading A post grads breakdown part 2- the arrival

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A post grads breakdown

In 2014 I graduated from university with a law degree. I spent 3 years studying my ass off at the university of Plymouth. I loved what I was doing and I honestly thought that my life was all set out for me. I did a shit loads of extra curricular actives that looked amazing on… Continue reading A post grads breakdown